Good Times for Homebuyers

Good Times for Homebuyers

After several years of late growth, an increase in demand for housing property has led to a smart decline in real estate prices across the country. Buying a home on your own is an emotional decision for Indian buyers. Real estate investment gives them security as it is a minor incendiary asset and remains unchanged due to market changes. This is especially true in a complex environment due to the COVID-19 virus. Many builders offer different schemes and deals to ensure that site visits only significantly affect inquiries and sales. Therefore, this is a good time for buyers to secure a good deal on their investment, along with other benefits.

The government’s efforts to boost the Indian housing and real estate industry over the last two years have seen a change with the implementation of the RERA and GST, all of which are expected to enhance transparency and build confidence among buyers. Owning your home became more accessible with the government’s extended subsidy to bigger homes under the government schemes. But that’s not all.

Consumers will get the benefits of RERA

The government has influenced various policy changes in the residential sector to meet its objective of ‘Housing for All by 2022. The best one was RERA, expected to bring in price corrections of apartment rates in areas with a considerable stock of completed residential projects, especially in the premium and luxury segments. RERA is also anticipated to compel a time correction and ensure the clients got what they wanted within the time promised by the builders. Post RERA, real estate builders are getting more serious about executing consumer protection endeavors than ever before. Hence, we see a growth in RERA projects this year.

If you are a first-time buyer preparing to upgrade your lifestyle, this may be a perfect time to take the big step. From a purely economic standpoint, there are two critical factors in favor of buyers, lower home prices and lower cost of credit to buy a home. There’s also the benefit of low-interest rates for those intending to contact banks and financial institutions for home loans. However, it is only recommended to buy a house if you have a regular income. With more and more businesses opening up to work from home, you could also have the option to move away from large cities, where housing property prices are much higher than in shorter ones. So, what makes this a perfect time to invest?

Inexpensive Home Loans

Due to the current repo rate reduction by the RBI, home loan interest rates are low. This makes it purchasing a home now highly feasible.

Long-Term Tangible Asset

It is a fixed, physical asset that delivers reassurance and happiness over other financial assets, especially in the long term.

Return on investment

It is primarily believed that property prices are one of the lowest at this time. In the future, the value of such properties is expected to rise, making them highly attractive to home buyers. This will help create funds in the long run.

Various Price Options from Reputed builders

Many established builders are offering homes that suit the budget of an Indian buyer. Recently, demand for middle-range and cheap homes has increased significantly, varying from Rs. 45 to 90 lakhs. This ensures that purchasing a home from a reputed builder within a budget is very lucrative.

Low-Risk Choices with Established Builders

While offering homes at different prices, the established builders also offer low-risk projects that are finished or near completion.

Rental Yields

It is believed that rental income from real estate is more elevated than traditional sources.

Godrej Ananda

Godrej Ananda

Godrej Ananda is the eminent property available in the Bagalur, Aerospace Park location, North Bangalore. This region is pretty familiar to most of the people for the presence of BIAL in this area. The Godrej Ananda is just 10kms from the BIAL. And thus there are many infrastructural benefits and connectivity advantages available in this area.

Godrej Ananda is 20 acres of property with only 806 units arranged in the property. We get a lot of options in this Godrej Ananda to choose our dream abode. There are studio, 2 and 3 BHK homes available on the property. The size of this Godrej Ananda ranges from 530sqft to 703sqft. The possession of this property would commence from December 2025. The designs of this Godrej Ananda is well crafted by leading experts in the industry to offer great modern architecture with a strong base. This flawless architecture is designed to have 3 towers with 3B+G+29 floors.

Due to the superior design, all the units of this property receives ample natural light and fresh air.

The spacing of this eminent property is finely done that there is no wastage in space. Yes!! In this Godrej Ananda property, there is no wastage of space. Thus we are not paying anything additional. It’s just straight towards our living space. And the amenities in this Godrej Ananda is fine with over 20+ facilities in this project. And the pricing of this Godrej Ananda is also quite appealing with reasonable pricing.

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