Life in Godrej Ananda. Could we expect a quality living style?

Godrej Ananda is a premium residential project in Bagalur, North Bangalore. It was developed by Godrej Properties and spread across 18 acres of land. Life in Godrej Ananda will be luxurious and more comfortable because of the cutting-edge technology utilised in the project. The project is solely designed to provide an elite living experience to the residents in the prime locations of North Bangalore with easy accessibility to all modes of transportation.

Life is a twist of good and bad things. However, our human brains would expect only good things to happen in our life. This makes us happy and content. Most importantly we want our living place to be serene, constructive and safest. The property has to be executed with utmost high quality. Because properties are always carry-over elements that could be cherished for generations. Hence we need this to be of the highest quality.

Life in Godrej Ananda

The units have to be spacious enough and we should be enjoying staying in the copious units. The views from the units should be broader and breathtaking. The property ambience should be astonishing with serene, joyful and safe features. We need a well-equipped play area and gym, and a walking area and probably a senior citizen pergola.

These are not just for engaging us during leisure time. It’s for the great living pattern, the comfort, the convenience luxury and safety. And the foremost and the most predominant purpose of the property is to have the best and highest resale value.

Let’s go ahead and discuss the most prominent property in North Bangalore which gives us an immense and peaceful lifestyle with the best of comfort, delight and convenience.

Hope you guys know the value of North Bangalore in the city’s real estate market. There is a huge demand for this region since the Bangalore International Airport is located in Devanahalli, North Bangalore. So the land appreciation and the developments n this region is phenomenal. And above all, there are numerous proposed developments coming up in this region. The proposed metro station is the remarkable one to ease commuting to a great extent.

Godrej Ananda

Godrej Ananda is the phenomenal apartment segment which is located at Bagalur, Aerospace Park, North Bangalore. This is a 20 acres land parcel that has 808 units on the premises of Phase I. Godrej Ananda has multiple configuration homes such as studio, 2 and 3 BHK homes. This ongoing property is developed by Godrej Properties. As we know this is a part of the legacy of Godrej Group

The designs of this Godrej Ananda are designed by leading architects in the field. Thus all the 806 units of this property receive ample natural light and ventilation. The spacing of this Godrej Ananda is well handled to avoid any wastage of space.

This is the property that suffices all the parameters which is been discussed above. The property has the best facilities and features like

  • A professional Business centre on the premises which is designed to provide ample space for the businesses.
  • Library to boost our knowledge.
  • A large swimming pool which would refresh our minds and soul
  • There is a huge green area of 2 acres of green space provided just to relish and relax
  • Swing Garden is present in the Godrej Ananda just to give a great fun time to our kids.

There are about 35+ facilities in this elegant property. This promising property is designed to offer the finest superior lifestyle to home buyers and investors.

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