What are the buying factors of Godrej Ananda, Bagalur?

Godrej Ananda is a classic residential project developed by Godrej Properties on Bagalur Road near Aerospace Park in North Bangalore. There are several factors to buy or invest in Godrej Ananda. The project is located in the premium locations of North Bangalore. The place is close to the international airport and within reach of basic amenities.

Factors to buy Godrej Ananda in Bagalur

  • Proximity to International Airport
  • Reputed builder
  • Rapidly developing locality
  • Affordable pricing
  • Luxury project with world-class amenities
  • Close to IT and Tech parks

When we are buying a property we will have some prerequisites in that buying. These are the requirements followed in buying to fix a perfect profitable property.

What are the key factors in buying a property?

Some key factors in buying a property are

  • Affordable pricing
  • Supreme quality
  • Best location
  • Premium amenities
  • Great Infrastructure
  • Good resale value
  • Hassle-free
  • Freehold property
What are the buying factors of Godrej Ananda, Bagalur?

What if we get all these prerequisites available in a single property. It’s achievable in Godrej Ananda, Bagalur, North Bangalore.

How is Godrej Ananda best to buy?

This is the most prominent property in North Bangalore as there is much enjoyment in this Godrej Ananda. Godrej Ananda is a profitable property located close to Kempegowda International Airport. The Godrej Ananda residential segment is located in the KIADB premise. So there are pretty good job opportunities in this space. There are many companies established in the region and more upcoming companies here. This makes our commute to the office in a jiffy. Since the property is nearby the Airport location. The developments and proposed developments in this locality are enormous. This brings a great infrastructure and connectivity to the region.

How about the location to the city connectivity?

The connectivity of the property location is appreciable with many connecting routes and roads. The area is thus linked with major parts of the city. The proposed metro lines would add more glory to the property.

What are the charming features of the property?

Godrej Properties has designed this project to provide a happy and lifestyle property to home buyers and investors. These homes are configured in 2 and 3 BHK fashions. Godrej Ananda’s designs are extraordinary with the right balance of entertainment, sports, landscape gardens and residential blocks.

These efficient layouts are well designed to have ample open space, ventilation and well lit. As we all know getting natural light inside the units are challenging in the Bangalore properties. Due to the climate and structure of the cramped space. Here space has been well utilized to provide us with a balanced life.

Due to the enormous growth of this region, there are many leading builders and developers coming to this location to establish their projects.

And one more interesting buying factor of this Godrej Ananda is the low maintenance cost. This is a life savour benefit as these bills are payable every month. The lower these bills lower the strain.

Godrej Ananda

The amenities of Godrej Ananda are designed for all age groups and segregated based on categories like

  • Convenience services
  • Family Recreation
  • 0.8 hectares of greens
  • 3 tier security

Godrej Ananda has a huge number of recreational facilities on the premises. The Godrej properties are generous enough to provide all these facilities at such reasonable prices.

Right from the entrance canopy of the property to the creche garden, there are various facilities in the property. The property has different amenities for each and every activity. Such as a relaxation lounge, a specific deck arranged in the Godrej Ananda to relax amid the natural atmosphere.

Outdoor lounge to enjoy the scenic place. Spice garden to wet our hands with gardening skills. Thus the property is rich in all buying factors like

  • Budget
  • Quality
  • Lifestyle
  • Fun
  • Amenities
  • Resale value

Next comes the sizes of the units. The exact dimensions of Godrej Ananda are yet to be updated. However, we could expect a range from

  • 900sqft
  • 1060sqft
  • 1060sqft
  • 1350sqft
  • 1490sqft
  • 1670sqft
  • 1800sqft
  • 1950sqft
  • 2050sqft
  • 2100sqft

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