Where is the ongoing Godrej Ananda located? How is the shuttling facility from the property

Though we appreciate Bangalore city for various reasons we should accept the bad traffic in the city. This is due to the overloaded influx of population in the city. The city’s infrastructure has been well designed these days to accommodate the excess crowd and thus the traffic congestion is eventually reducing. Once the proposed metro developments are in place. There would be more ease of commuting. Nevertheless, we should be analyzing the property before we settle down in the region.

Where is the ongoing Godrej Ananda located?

As we know staying in places closer to our workplace or our family members workplace or educational institutes would save us more time. However, we need to check if the area is feasible to settle down though it’s near our workplace. All the essential provisions of our life have to be easily and well available in the locality.

Likewise, the Godrej Ananda property is located in North Bangalore. Soon after we here North Bangalore the immediate thing that strikes us is the Bangalore International Airport. And we all know the prominence of this North Bangalore in the Bangalore real estate market and the economic contribution of this region. The land appreciation in this North Bangalore region is phenomenal.

Godrej Ananda

So where in North Bangalore the Godrej Ananda is located? This is one other crucial factor in buying this property. Because this elegant property is strategically located at Bagalur Aerospace Park which is a 3000 acres industrial park. Thus it generates millions of employment opportunities. And we could also reside just near our workplace.

The shuttling facility from the Godrej Ananda is quite simple and easy. As there are multiple connecting roads present since the area is closely related to the Airport. We could easily get frequent BMTC buses, private cabs, autos and can make use of our transport. The proposed metro service would be available at the earliest.

Godrej Ananda is a 20 acres property that has many preferred configurations like the studio, 2 and 3 BHK homes. There are about 800 units in the Godrej Ananda. This posh property is developed on 3 towers with 3B+G+29 floors and the possession of this eminent property starts from December 2025. This ongoing property is marvellous with contemporary architecture designed by leading experts in the industry. All the units of this Godrej Ananda property are well lit and get ample fresh air.

The spacing of this apartment segment is well handled by the Godrej Properties thus there is no piece of space wasted in this property. Godrej Ananda is a Godrej Properties development. Godrej Properties is a subsidiary group of Godrej. This Godrej term is well known for its legacy. And over the decades we have been witnessing the goodness of this group. This 123 years group has been outstanding in all fields. Godrej Properties is doing a tremendous job in this sector.

The amenities of this Godrej Ananda is 30+ as the Godrej Properties are always generous in providing the best lifestyle facilities.

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