Are the Ongoing Godrej Ananda the best in Bagalur Road Locality?

In Bangalore, there are many real estate projects accumulated across the city. As we all know this is due to the influx of population spread in this city for its phenomenal factors such as IT corridor, industries, educational institutes, healthcare centres, entertainment zones and other malls and multiplexes. On the other side, the framework of the city is also amazingly well. Thus these abundant facilities tempt many of us to invest in the properties. In spite of the pandemic situation, Bangalore’s real estate market is pretty steady.

Are the Ongoing Godrej Ananda the best in Bagalur Road Locality?

What is the stand of Bangalore Real estate developers?

And to make it more feasible the Bangalore developers have completely redefined the living style of the home buyers and investors. This is a great bliss for the healthy and happy life of all the residents of these eminent projects.

However, we need to be choosing the eminent property to have the best and safest property experience.

5 quick takeaways for finding the best property

  • The property has to be developed by the best property developer
  • The location whereabouts has to be well analyzed so that we figure out a well appreciating area
  • Make sure you get all the convenient and essential amenities on the property
  • The foremost one to be focussed on is the resale value of the property
  • Check if all the approvals have been received.

By appropriately following these above pointers we could fetch an amazing property which is best in the market.

Let’s now go ahead and review the best ongoing property in Bagalur, Godrej Ananda.

Godrej Ananda

Godrej Ananda

This is an attractive property located at Aerospace Park, Bagalur, North Bangalore. Godrej Ananda is a 20 acres property that has all preferred unit types like Studio, 2 and 3 BHK homes. The Godrej Ananda ranges from 530 sqft to 703 sqft. The possession of this Godrej Ananda property would commence from December 2025. There are only limited units of 806 with ample open and green space. There are a total of 3 towers with 3 B+G+29 floors.

This is a fascinating property which is been developed by Godrej Properties. The developer has well provided all the thrilling and fabulous elements in this property to offer us a superior lifestyle, comfort, convenience, luxury and safety.

What are the thrilling amenities present in the Godrej Ananda property?

There are about 20+ world-class amenities in the property few of them are

Can you imagine 2 acres dedicated just for green spaces?

Yes !! This Godrej Ananda property has 2 acres of land parcel allocated only for greenery.

What are the floor plans available on this Godrej Ananda property?

This apartment segment has about 800+ homes with all preferred configurations. Though Godrej Ananda’s floor plan is yet to be released the units are copious with good moving space. Ideal floor size of the Godrej Properties range like 12*12sqft living room, 9*10sqft kitchen, 10*12sqft bedrooms and 5*6 sqft toilets and balconies of 5ft wide.

There are options for clubbing the house or duplex fashions in this property where if we are looking for bigger units or duplex units we could pretty well buy 2 units and design our dream abodes. By this, we could have many copious units with dimensions such as

16*16sqft living room, a kitchen of size 12*12sqft, bedrooms of size 12*12sqft and 11*12sqft respectively. We could have some extended spacious balconies of size 7*7 sqft. By this, we could have a larger unit of size ranging like 1200sqft+.

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