Bagalur Road Projects Vs Godrej Ananda

Bagalur Road Projects Vs Godrej Ananda

Investing in a promising city like Bagalur Road KIADB Aerospace Park in North Bangalore seems like a lifetime investment. The builders are extremely positive about this area as the top ones are constructing numerous housing complexes, and the investors and homebuyers are also very optimistic about this location. A wide range of housing options are presented for homebuyers in this bustling city, as prominent builders have developed their iconic projects in this location. But Godrej Ananda stands out as an exquisite residential option for homebuyers.

This article is meant to provide detailed information and analysis of the project compared to other projects, which is entirely unbiased. By the end of the article, the buyers can conclude how investing in Godrej Ananda will be profitable and a wise decision.

Easy access to basic amenities

Godrej Ananda Sports Zone

The project location offers easy access to basic amenities and necessary institutions such as reputed schools, esteemed healthcare institutes, and established colleges.

Strategic location

The project location offers proper connectivity to major parts of the city and is near major employment hubs and tech parks.

Accessibility to State Highway 104

Accessibility to State Highway 104

The project location on Bagalur Road provides direct connectivity to State Highway 104, which gives an added advantage to the residents of Godrej Ananda. Other projects are located at least 2 km from SH 104, which seems a lesser distance, but considering the traffic and growing population in the city, it will take time to reach the destination.

Direct access to the main road

The project is developed as a main road property, which will again increase the project's market value. It is the only project on Bagalur Road within KIADB Aerospace Park, close to the main road. The resident can easily reach their destination because direct access to the main road enables quick access to all modes of transportation.

High Rental returns

The project is near major IT and Tech Parks, making it a favourite destination for working professionals and youngsters. The vicinity of employment hubs directly affects the population of nearby places because everybody tries to live near their work area to reduce travel time. It provides fair rental income to the investors in Bgalur Road, especially in Godrej Ananda.

Scarcity in main road properties

Godrej Ananda is located close to the main road, but there is a huge demand for properties on the main road, which led to a decrease in properties available on the main road. People are trying to locate on the main road because of the easy access to all modes of transportation. So, it is the best option to invest in Godrej Ananda.

Reliability and assurance of Godrej Properties

Godrej Properties is one of India's successful and leading real estate developers. They have created iconic projects and developed a strong faith among customers. Investing in Godrej Properties is a safe and secure investment that customers can strongly rely upon; there are no worries regarding the money invested in Godrej Properties.

Transparency in business

Godrej Properties is one of the superior real estate builders in India. They always tried to provide premium projects at an affordable rate. They always utilised quality materials for construction. During business transactions, they have also tried hard to make each step completely transparent, which creates trust and bonds among each customer.

Completion on-time

The history of Godrej Properties shows that they have always completed their projects on time. It depicts the commitment and dedication of the builder towards their customer. They prioritise the customer, making them a favourite real estate developer in India.

Solace amidst convenience

The project prioritised convenience and created a satisfying living environment for the residents. They can have a stress-free and relaxed way of living in this beautifully crafted project in the city.

Worth every penny

Godrej Ananda provides commodious and meticulously crafted apartments in a strategic location at an affordable rate. Some other builders will provide compact and smaller apartments at a higher rate, which will be unaffordable to the commoner. And the buyer will also feel dejected after investing in such properties.

Reasonable cost and various payment plans

Godrej Ananda provides spacious and beautifully crafted apartments in prime locations at a reasonable cost. They also provide customers with various convenient payment plans so that everybody can own property without much tension and worry.

Growth potential

Godrej Ananda is located in prime locations of Bagalur Road in North Bangalore; the location is ever evolving and developing. It increases the chance of high market value for the investors. The demand for well-placed projects in the locality, such as Godrej Ananda, will have a higher appreciation over time.

Greater resale value

The market value of properties in strategic locations will remain high and increase over time. Investing in these properties will provide good returns during resale, even after one or two years from investment, because of the well-developed infrastructure, basic amenities within reach and easy connectivity.

Innovative technology and quality

The projects of Godrej Properties utilise prime quality materials for construction, and they will include cutting-edge and innovative technologies in their project. It makes their project maintenance-free and looks new for a longer time.

Top-notch amenities

Godrej Ananda Seniour Citizen Zone

Godrej Ananda offers top-notch luxurious amenities to the residents, providing a sumptuous living experience. They can lead a premium lifestyle while living in these apartments.

Sustainable and eco-friendly

The project focused on environmental balance and sustainability, enabling them to provide green projects. Their projects always include eco-friendly practices such as rainwater harvesting, sewage treatment, solar energy utilisation, etc. Also, they tried to include maximum greenery in the project to reduce carbon footprints and provide residents with a fresh environment and air.

Privacy on each floor

Godrej Ananda presents six apartments on a floor, comprising two in each corridor. It provides spacious and comfortable apartments and greater privacy and comfort. They won't feel congested or suffocated while living amidst many apartments on a single floor.

Privacy on each floor

Godrej Ananda presents six apartments on a floor, comprising two in each corridor. It provides spacious and comfortable apartments and greater privacy and comfort. They won't feel congested or suffocated while living amidst many apartments on a single floor.

Proper ventilation and sunlight

Aerospace Park Bagalur

The apartments are meticulously crafted and designed to provide proper ventilation and sunlight. It will create a positive and welcoming feel to the apartments, and the residents will feel fresh and rejuvenated living in those apartments.

Spacious kitchen and proper utility

Kitchens in Godrej Ananda are spaciously designed to accommodate all the necessary things. So, it will be mess-free and feel relaxed while working in the kitchen. Otherwise, it will create a chaotic experience if the kitchen is small and congested. Separate utility area also provides the added advantage of keeping kitchens clutter-free and clean all the time.

The best option for business ventures

The location of Godrej Ananda on the main road provides excellent opportunities for business ventures and entrepreneurs. The location is best for commercial developments and a good option for rental income. Entrepreneurs can start their business ventures in these prime locations to get more concentration from people.


Investing in a prime location like Bagalur Road is a dream of every common person. Godrej Ananda is the best option for those who want a perfect project from a trustworthy builder. Godrej Ananda was launched by Godrej Properties, which will always work hard to provide perfect projects to its clients. The strategic location, connectivity to major [parts of the city, proximity to IT and Tech parks, and well-developed infrastructure make it an ideal option to invest in Bagalur Road, especially in Godrej Ananda.

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