Is Godrej Ananda a safer investment?

What are the Dos before Investing?

Checking on a property before investing is a wise thing to do. Bangalore city is submerged with many new and fresh projects in the city. So is it practically possible to evaluate these numerous projects in the garden city? No !! So the basic prerequisite in buying a property is from a reputed builder and a prominent location.

With this, we could narrow down our search to a significant extent. And after this step, we could analyze the projects based on the facilities and luxury provided in the property. Of course, the location also plays a major role in this research. The location is mandatory to study the infrastructure and connectivity facilities of the property. The above factors influence the resale value of the property. As better the builder prospects, location the better the resale value.

Is Godrej Ananda a safer investment?

How is Godrej Ananda a Safer Investment?

Godrej Ananda is a safer investment as it’s developed by reputed Godrej properties. We very well know this brand over decades. This 123-year-old brand has established its brand name in many sectors. Godrej Group has achieved and been exceptionally recognised for its excellence. In a similar way, the Godrej properties are performing exceptionally in the city.

What’s more special about Godrej Ananda?

Godrej Ananda is the safest investment in the city for its numerous benefits and charisma.

The property is spread about 11+ acres land parcel. The Godrej Ananda property is located in Bagalur, North Bangalore. The prime advantage of this locality is the close proximity to the Bangalore International Airport. Bagalur is just 15 minutes drive from the Airport.

This premium property is been designed to have efficient layouts. This efficient layout has luxury and spacious 2 and 3 BHK units. Godrej properties have well planned this layout with effective low maintenance cost. This is a great perk to many home buyers and investors as these are every month payments. We could efficiently cut down these charges.

How Safer are the Godrej Ananda?

The Godrej Ananda is providing 3 tier security services with 24/7 security personnel who are trained and qualified in their skills, CCTV surveillance and sensor gates.

Godrej Ananda

What is the future forecast of this location?

Strategically and fortunately the property is located inside the 3000 acres KIADB premises. So there are ample employment opportunities that give us a good career option. In this large land parcel, there are many companies operating and there are also many companies proposed to be established in this powerful location.

As the Godrej Ananda is closely located to the Aiport locality. The connectivity is awesome and there are future connectivity developments in this region. Some are the grandeur Peripheral Ring Road, Intermediate Ring Road and Satellite Ring Road.

Are there Metro lines near the property?

The property shines being beside the expressway. There are two feasible metro stations from the property location. They are namely

  • Proposed Bettahalasuru Metro station-8.6kms
  • Proposed Bagalur Cross Metro station-10kms

What’s the Outcome?

The Godrej Ananda is not only safe investment. It amuses us with the best and numerous amenities on the premises. There are various amenities on the premises that give us an accomplished home. We would feel more relaxed with the comfort and leisure and luxury elements in this Godrej Ananda. The property carries a look of a resort with its overloaded amenities.

The floor plan of Godrej Ananda is yet to be uploaded. However, the units are expected to have various floor plans of different sizes that are ideal for any happy living. It could be of

  • 1200sqft
  • 1100sqft
  • 950sqft
  • 1350sqft
  • 1450sqft
  • 2000sqft
  • 2100sqft

We get to avail any favourable sized units in this grandeur Godrej Ananda.

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