Should I buy a home in Bangalore on the outskirts?

Should I buy a home in Bangalore on the outskirts?

Investing in a residential project can be challenging for many reasons, such as illiquidity, substantial transaction costs, longer property cycles, lowered net rental income, etc. The rental income is generally low because of taxes and substantial maintenance costs. However, this is no reason for concern as the real estate industry is thriving and is worth considering and investing in at least once in your lifetime. Investment in a housing property provides you with numerous growth opportunities and ensures the safety of your future generations. It is not a hidden fact that residential property prices in urban areas have been rapidly increasing throughout the nation. However, people tend to ignore the immense advantages that locations still need to be considered main, such as the outskirts. While it may seem risky to buy a property in an area that has yet to develop fully on the front, these regions are most likely to turn into great investments in the future. There is potential for development over time which would raise its worth.

Benefits of purchasing a residential property on the outskirts

Experience a close community

Urban life lacks a feeling of community and togetherness because of the routine daily rush. People are primarily busy, leaving them with no time for themselves and their dear families. Outskirts locations have a peaceful atmosphere where kids can play and communicate freely with others in their neighborhood. The safety level is greater here than in the cities. In recent times, many reputed schools have been established outside the town limits to enhance the education quality and garner enough playground space. Thus, if you are a big family with children, there is no better investment chance than on the outskirts and no better time than doing it now.

Improved life and health by residing on the outskirts

Urban cities are increasingly becoming congested, affecting the surroundings negatively. However, you do not have to stress about these issues in the outskirts. With less population, outskirts locations are environment friendly with good air quality, clean water supply, more vegetation, and many more. On the other hand, the main city roads are filled with cars and buses emitting gases which give growth to air pollution that might be extremely harmful to your health and result in severe Diseases in the future. Thus, buying a home on the outskirts is equivalent to saving money that would otherwise have been spent on medical expenses.

Pocket-friendly budget

Purchasing property in the outskirts is generally affordable because of less demand. On the other hand, the cost of housing properties in metro cities has dramatically increased, a growing concern for potential homebuyers. The interest rates of home loans are too high to lead a comfortable life. If you choose residences outside the urban area, you get larger spaces at a lower price, thus eliminating the need for settling down.

Enjoy frequent outdoor activities in these outskirts locations

Unlike cities filled with countless buildings and roads, outskirts areas have ample open spaces such as parks, backyards, and gardens. Thus, your kids can play cricket and football without worrying about security or hitting a person’s vehicle. What’s better than living in a big residence close to nature?

Renters stay for a longer time.

If you’re planning to buy a residential property to rent out, there is no other location than the outskirts. People who generally rent apartments in suburban areas choose a long-term agreement for many reasons. For example, families with kids prefer the outskirts for a pollution-free, secure environment where their toddlers can grow up. Another instance is of a retired couple who may choose a house in the suburbs to lead a calm and peaceful life away from the rustle of the city. Since they plan to reside for an extended period, they keep their apartment in good condition, which will help you avoid or lower costs on maintenance and repair.

Expect greater returns on investment.

Buying a home on the outskirts is a great way to ensure future profits, and this is because these regions are bound to grow with time which will simultaneously improve their demand and price. Thus, you can buy these residential properties at a cheaper rate and get higher profits in the future. Investment in residential projects in the outskirts is an excellent opportunity as the benefits outnumber the disadvantages significantly. You can get your dream abode without investing much in one go. Moreover, commuting to the metropolis is relatively easy as it is always connected via road or rail. Thus, you can still get resources without making a hole in your pocket. Buy an apartment in godrej Ananda.

Godrej Ananda

Godrej Ananda

Godrej Ananda is a 20-acre, ultra-modern residence built by Godrej Properties near Bangalore's Bagalur Aerospace Park. In the Godrej Ananda Bangalore project, there are 806 individually designed 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments. Bagalur Road's modern homes offer excellent design for individuals who aspire to a high-end lifestyle. One viable real estate option for buyers of modern urban residences is the growing metropolis of Bangalore in India. The town is expanding swiftly, and the housing industry has been booming, producing first-rate homes in the most critical areas around the city. Now is your chance to own a property from Godrej Properties in the most exclusive area in North Bangalore.

Godrej Ananda Price: This project was created to provide inexpensive housing. In Godrej Ananda, studio apartments start at Rs. 22 lakhs and 3 BHK homes cost between Rs. 39 lakhs and Rs. 43 lakhs. The prices for the flats in this project are listed in detail on an available Price List.

Reviews for Godrej Ananda: Situated at Bagalur's AeroSpace Park. Godrej Ananda is the city's most well-known initiative for connecting all its areas. The project is just near the airport's elevated road. Leading real estate companies rate it as the ideal project in North Bangalore. One of Bangalore's apartment buildings with the most sales is this one.

Godrej Ananda Current Status of Construction: The Godrej Group will begin taking possession of Ananda in December 2025 after it has been developed across several phases. Construction on Phase 2 has yet to start.

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